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Welcome to Innitou Photo. On these pages you will find an abundance of photos taken in my favorite Woburn Conservation Area, Horn Pond. Having lived here for 40 years I know every nook and cranny of the area and know where and when to catch the best shots of scenery, wildlife and wildflowers!

I also have an extensive portfolio of travel photos from Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Florida and all over New England. Currently I am getting back into macro photography, which I did years ago. Come and see some of my latest works!

I have recently expanded Innitou Photo to include my Architectural Photography (under the monaker of Innitou Photo II). This will cover Architectural, Real Estate and Insurance photography. Contact me for further info.

Almost all the photos on this site can be made into 'blank inside' photo note cards which are the mainstay of Innitou Photo. Any photo can also be done as a matted enlargement. Check out my "products" gallery for prices and other items.

Enjoy and have a wonderful day!


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Innitou Photo is located in Woburn, MA on the shores of Lake Innitou. Commonly known as Horn Pond, Innitou is the Native American name for the lake and means "Mirror of the Spirit" in Algonquin. It is a glacially formed lake surrounded by woods, fields, marshes and streams with a ‘monadnock’ of 287 ft. (Mount Towanda) on its westerly side. On a still morning the mountain reflects perfectly in the lake as if it really were a mirror. Most of the surrounding land is Conservation or City owned which helps keep this gem open for all to enjoy. It offers an abundance of beautiful wildflowers, birds and perfect sunsets! It is also accessible in the winter and so is enjoyed year round by thousands of walkers, bicyclists, runners and other outdoor enthusiasts.

I was born and raised in Woburn and have lived for over 40 years on the shores of Horn Pond with my husband and two daughters. I am a self-taught naturalist and an accomplished, award winning Nature Photographer, specializing in the "Nature of Horn Pond" and many other Conservation Areas in Woburn.

Along with my fine photos of Woburn Conservation Areas, I also offer photos of Historic Landmarks in Woburn as well as photos taken on my travels to other states in this wonderful country of ours. I also offer choice flower photos from my husband's garden and other gardens. Recently I have expanded Innitou Photo to include Architectural Photography (including Real Estate and Insurance Photography) under Innitou Photo II.

I offer photography classes, with fieldwork, based around Horn Pond, and through WREN (Woburn Residents Environmental Network) I offer free guided "Nature Walks" at Horn Pond and Shaker Glen Conservation Areas.